Why CO2 Smart Power™

At Silanna Semiconductor we are passionate about developing advanced technologies that not only simplify design and improve performance but also benefit the environment through much more efficient energy use. For it is only by making better use of energy that we will collectively address the significant challenge of meeting rising global demand for electricity while driving down harmful carbon emissions.

With the launch of the Silanna Semiconductor CO2 Smart Power initiative, we are underlining our total commitment to helping customers build applications that address this challenge.

What does CO2 Smart Power Mean?

CO2 Smart Power is far more than just a logo.

The CO2 Smart Power concept embodies a philosophy of ceaselessly working to create ever-more efficient products that contribute to sustainability by consuming less energy while delivering improved performance.

From chargers and travel adaptors to industrial and appliance power, the CO2 Smart Power brand gives users confidence that a product has been specifically designed for optimum performance while delivering best-in-class power density and efficiency. This means products that not only use less energy during operation but also minimize so-called ‘vampire’ power drain when on standby.

In most cases this translates directly into advanced products and systems that use less electricity and, therefore, contribute less to harmful CO2 emissions.

CO2 Smart Power Semiconductors

Silanna Semiconductor’s CO2 Smart Power families of highly efficient AC/DC and DC/DC power converter semiconductors are driving key innovations in travel adapters, laptop adapters, appliance power, smart metering, computing, lighting, industrial power, and display power.

Products that fall under the CO2 smart power banner include:

• Ultra-compact, high-frequency point of load DC/DC converters that offer unrivalled efficiency and power density


• The world’s first fully integrated active clamp flyback controllers, which can operate at efficiencies of up to 95%.

As well as the devices themselves, Silanna Semiconductor also offers a range of reference designs that further simplify and speed the design, prototyping and commercialization of CO2 Smart Power solutions.