Power Density Hero: Your Easy To Use Power Supply Design Tool

Silanna Semiconductor’s Power Density Hero is an easy-to-use, fast and effective ‘all-in-one’ online power design tool that simplifies and speeds the design, specification and prototyping of high-efficiency custom AC/DC and DC/DC power designs. The tool is ideal for engineers looking to improve the efficiency and reduce the size and component count of a wide variety of power applications ranging from chargers and travel adaptors to industrial and appliance power.

Based around a simple and intuitive interface, the Power Density Hero design tool allows registered engineers to enter a variety of key system parameters and performance requirements for their target DC/DC or AC/DC application. These include minimum and maximum input voltage, output types and voltage and controller IC types. When all of the information has been entered, the tool instantly calculates the necessary electronic components and values. Once this is done, Power Density Hero automatically sends a personalized, confidential document with comprehensive design specifications, circuit schematics and an optimized bill of materials (BOM) for all the devices, power ICs and additional discrete components needed for the design.

The tool is able to cater for both single-port or multi-port USB PD design requirements. Choose the type of supply you are building and it will guide you through the required inputs

For multi-port devices, you simply use the AC/DC design tool to design a fixed output (24V) front-end active clamp flyback converter using SZ1110 (33W) or SZ1130 (65W).

Then, use the DC/DC design tool to design each of the downstream DC/DC integrated buck regulators using SZPL3102 (3A) or SZDK3105B (5A).

Power Density Hero supports Silanna’s comprehensive range of AC/DC and DC/DC technologies marketed under the company’s CO2 Smart Power™ brand.

These include ultra-compact, high-frequency point of load DC/DC converters that offer unrivalled efficiency and power density and the world’s first fully integrated active clamp flyback (ACF) controllers.

These controllers integrate an adaptive digital PWM controller, active clamp FET, active clamp gate driver and start-up regulator and can operate at efficiencies of up to 95%.

The CO2 Smart Power brand emphasizes Silanna’s commitment to technologies that not only simplify design and improve performance but also benefit the environment through more efficient energy use.

From chargers and travel adaptors to industrial and appliance power, the CO2 Smart Power brand gives users confidence that a product has been specifically designed for optimum performance and efficiency. This means products that not only use less energy during operation but also minimize so-called ‘vampire’ power drain when on standby.