World’s First Buck Converter IC to Feature Intelligent, Adaptive Power Sharing

High-Efficiency (>98%) Synchronous Buck Converter

–Selectable Switching Frequency: 667kHz to 2MHz

–3.3V to 21V Output at 3.25A (covers PD + PPS)

–7V to 27V Input

–41mohms upper FET, 38mohms lower FET

–Selectable power saving mode

–Selectable soft start time

–Full protection features such as OCP, OVP, OTP

–I2C bus for communication

–All surface mount components solution

–Available in small QFN 5 mm X 5 mm thermally enhanced package

Integrated with Most Advanced Port Controller

–Provide a complete USB Port Power supply

–Full Support for USB PD V3.0 – Type C

–QC2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0 Support for Type A/C Ports

–USB-IF certified

–Calculated, Adaptive Power Sharing

–Power Sharing Across 2, 3 or 4 Ports

–Includes Port Power Re-Balancing

–Power Throttling at Elevated Temperature

–Integrated VCONN Power Supply

–5 Power Profiles (Resistor-Selectable)

SZPL3002A Unique Features

Calculated Power Sharing per USB IF PD Specification

Supportable across 2 to 4 port applications (not just a Div/2)

Power Re-Balancing

Allocates under-used power on previously connected port

Selectable (1 of 5) Pre-loaded Power Contract Configurations

Single device for multiple SKUs reduces inventory

Protective Power Throttling

When warning temperature is reached new contracts with lower currents are advertised

Integrated VCONN Power for Cable Communication

100mW with integrated switch matrix to the CC1/CC2 signal lines

Very low external component count

Contained power ASIC, digital ASIC, Microcontroller, low Rds(on) upper and lower FET, OTP memory all in one package

Advanced Design,  Smaller Volume Solutions, State of the Art 65W Charger Designs

Charger Form Factors

Rectangular | Lipstick | Biscuit | Pillar

ALL can be SMALLER with SZPL3102, SZDL3105 or SZPL3002 Buck Conversion

SZPL3102, SZDL3105 & SZPL3002 are State of the Art Synchronous Buck Converters

Perfectly suited for USB Port Power Supply Applications

Maintain the Highest Efficiencies at the Smallest Solution Size

Design Features for Optimal Performance with USB Port Controllers

Reduce Sizes of All Multi-portUSB Charger Designs

Continuing to Drive Power Density to New Levels

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