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January 20 | 2021

Power Design in a Small Space| Power Electronic News

How to Design and Implement an Adapter Power Supply With Active Clamp Flyback| IEEE

December 12 | 2020

Silanna Semiconductor推出可提供最高效率和功率密度的DC-DC转换器系列| EEFocus

Silanna Semiconductor推出可提供最高效率和功率密度的DC-DC转换器系列,并具有前所未有的小尺寸和低成本| EETrend

Silanna Semiconductor推出可提供最高效率和功率密度的DC-DC转换器系列| CNTronics

Silanna Semiconductor推出可提供最高效率和功率密度的DC-DC转换器系列|

Silanna全新宽电压、高频负载点转换器,可快速提高最高效率-电子工程世界| EE World

Silanna releases the latest DC-DC converter family for USB-PD applications| EET China

最高效率和功率密度DC-DC转换器系列| IC 888

December 10 | 2020

DC/DC-Wandler von Silanna Hochintegrierte Winzlinge|

24-V-DC/DC-Wandler im QFN-Gehäuse von Silanna Semiconductor| All Electronics

November 18 | 2020

DC-DC Converters for USB-PD Applications| Bodo’s News

Highest Efficiency and Power Density Family of DC-DC Convertors| Power Electronics News

2MHz DC-DC converters put MLCCs into USB-PD designs| EE News Power Management

Silanna Semiconductor Launches a Line of Tiny Buck Regulators for USB Applications| EE Power

September 15 | 2020

This Is Not Your Father’s Active Clamp Flyback (ACF)| Silanna Semiconductor

April 29 | 2020

功率密度技术的领先厂商Silanna Semiconductor今天宣布扩展行业领先的有源钳位反激控制器(ACF)产品系列 | 21Dianyuan

Silanna Semiconductor致力于通过提供一流的功率密度和效率来应对电源管理的终极挑战,并能够前所未有地为客户节省BoM成本,满足客户的多种需求 | ChinaAET

功率密度技术的领先厂商Silanna Semiconductor今天宣布扩展行业领先的有源钳位反激控制器(ACF)产品系列 | 21IC

Silanna Semiconductor致力于通过提供一流的功率密度和效率来应对电源管理的终极挑战,并能够前所未有地为客户节省BoM成本,满足客户的多种需求 | ECCN

功率密度技术的领先厂商Silanna Semiconductor今天宣布扩展行业领先的有源钳位反激控制器(ACF)产品系列 | EE Trend

Silanna Semiconductor 致力于通过提供一流的功率密度和效率来应对电源管理的终极挑战,并能够前所未有地为客户节省BoM成本,满足客户的多种需求 | Sina Tech

April 15 | 2020

Gleiche Größe, doppelte Leistung. AC/DC-Netzteile laden schneller mit Active-Clamp-Flyback-ICs |

Flyback PWM controllers with integrated active clamp circuits | Power Electronic News

Active-clamp flyback PWM controllers enable high-efficiency supply designs | EE World Online

Silanna Semiconductor unveils family expansion of Flyback PWM Controllers with Integrated Active Clamp Circuits | TerraDaily

Silanna Semiconductor Expands Leading Position in Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller Market | markets.businessinsider

April 14 | 2020

Silanna Semiconductor, The Power Density Leader, today announced the launch of an industry leading expanded portfolio of Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) Controllers |

Highly-Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Digital Controllers |

Active switching AC-DC controller uses silicon over GaN | eeNews Power Management

Active-clamp flyback PWM controllers enable high-efficiency supply designs | Power Electronic Tips

Silanna Semiconductor Expands Leading Position in Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller Market |

January 16 | 2020

Silanna Semiconductor’s Active Clamp Flyback Controllers Combine Four ACF Subsystems | All About Circuits

Active clamp flyback controllers for 33W and 65W AC-DC power supply designs | eeNews Power Management

ACF controllers for designing AC/DC power adapters | Electronics Weekly

Silanna: 33W and 65W integrated active clamp flyback controllers | Power Electronics News

January 15 | 2020

Silanna Semiconductor Fully Qualifies and Releases 33W and 65W Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controllers to Production |

June 28 | 2019

DC/DC point-of-load buck converter | Engineer Live

June 26 | 2019

Synchronous PoL buck converters sit in ultra-small footprint | EE World Online

Highly integrated point-of-load DC-DC converters boost power density | eeNews Power Management

June 25 | 2019

Versatile 12A 1MHz Buck Converter for Ultra-Compact PoL PCB Layout |

12A Buck Converter Designed for Ultra-Compact PCB Layout | Power Systems Design | Power Systems Design

Silanna Semiconductor Introduces Versatile 12A Buck Converter for Ultra-Compact PCB Layout |

May | 2019

Fully Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller Extends Benefits To 60-W AC Adapters | How2Power Today

April 18 | 2019

Silanna Semiconductor simplifies flyback controller design | Softei

April 17 | 2019

Silanna Semiconductor expands line of fully integrated active clamp flyback controllers with 60W version | Evaluation Engineering

April 16 | 2019

Silanna Semiconductor Announces New Active Clamp Flyback PWM Controller for Efficient Power Design | All About Circuits

Flyback PWM controller delivers 93% power efficiency | Power Electronic Tips by EE World

60W Fully-Integrated Adaptive Digital Active Clamp Flyback Controllers | PowerPulse.Net

Active Clamp Flyback Controller Line Includes 60W Version | Power Systems Design

April 15 | 2019

Integrated 60W active clamp flyback controller cuts AC/DC size | eeNews Analog

Silanna Semiconductor today expanded its line of fully integrated active clamp flyback (ACF) controllers with the 60W SZ1105 Flyback PWM Controller |

April 3 | 2019

APEC 2019: Silanna introduces “world’s first” integrated ACF for AC/DC power adapters | Electronics360

April 2 | 2019

The First Fully Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller | Power Systems Design

April 1 | 2019

Silanna claims first fully integrated ACF controller | Electronic Products

March 29 | 2019

Silanna Semiconductor’s claim to fame is a fully integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller |

March 28 | 2019

Video: Silanna claims first fully-integrated active-clamp flyback controller | Embedded Computing Design

March 25 | 2019

APEC 2019 – The Silicon Strikes Back | Embedded Computing Design | Embedded Computing Design

March 20 | 2019

Silanna Touts Efficiency and Ease of Design with World’s First Active Clamp Flyback Controller | All About Circuits

March 19 | 2019

First Fully Integrated AC-DC Active Clamp Flyback Controller | eeNews Europe

Controlador AFC integrado | diario electrónico hoy (Spain)

March 18 | 2019

Silanna Semiconductor Unveils World’s First Fully Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller | Bodo’s Power

Silanna Unveils World’s First Fully Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller |

Silanna Unveils First Fully Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller |

January 7 | 2019

Silanna Semiconductor at APEC 2019

Silanna Semiconductor, today announced it will be exhibiting at Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2019) March 18 through March 20, 2019 in Anaheim, California.

Silanna Semiconductor will be introducing both AC/DC and DC/DC semiconductor devices that provide breakthrough power densities in its booth #860.