Highest Efficiency + Power Density
DC/DC Converters with
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Offering output powers up to 100W, the SZDL3105B is a wide-voltage, high-frequency point of load converter targeting USB PD applications. Silanna Semiconductor focuses on ultimate Power Management challenges with best-in-class power density and efficiency performance that delights customers with unprecedented BOM savings. 

100W DC/DC Converters

Highest Efficiency +
Power Density

Smallest Size +
Weight Design

100W Simple Design in a Small Space

Operating at a switching frequency from 667kHz up to 2Mhz, the SZDL3105B fully-integrated DC/DC converter (buck regulator) can supply up to 5A and 100W of output power. It accommodates industry-leading wide input and output ranges that support up to 27VDC input and is supplied in a tiny 4mm x 4mm QFN package.  

Key Features:

  • Optimal for USB PD and Fast Charging up to 100W

  • Selectable switching frequency up to 2Mhz

  • 3.3V to 21V Output at 5A (covers PD3.0 + PPS + Fast Charging Protocols)

  • 7V to 27V Input 

  • Dual-Input LDOs (VIN and VOUT) for Improved Efficiency

  • Designed for Optimal Performance with All USB Port Controllers

  • Space Saving 4mm x 4mm QFN Package


Optimum USB Port Performance and Stand-Alone Operation

Incorporates a Momentary Internal FB Resistor Divider Allowing Time for Any Port Controller to Power Up and Take Smooth Control of VOUT to 5.0 Volts at Start-up

The SZDL3105B has unique features that optimize its performance in USB port power supply applications. Extremely low operating power dissipation enables the very low no-load power that is an important specification for regulatory certification and maintaining a greener planet. Internal and external feedback resistor divider flexibility supports custom design, while a momentary internal feedback path allows for clean and well-controlled start-up operation until external USB port controllers can bias themselves and smoothly take over control of the output voltage. 

RD-16 | 100W 2C1A Charger Reference Design

Key Components:

SZ1131 | ACF Controller Ultra-Low No-Load Power

SZDL3105B | Wide Voltage, 100W, “USB” Buck Converter (C1 & C2)

SZPL3102A | Wide Voltage, 65W, “USB” Buck Converter (A1)

All-Silicon Solution

Industry Leading End-2-End Efficiencies

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