End-to-End AC/DC and DC/DC Solutions:
Highest Power Density, Lowest Standby Power, Competitive BOM Cost

Silanna Semiconductor provides complete solutions that address the ultimate power management challenge of delivering improved performance, unrivalled power densities and reduced BOMs while ensuring more efficient energy use that minimizes harmful emissions.

“CO2 Smart Power focuses on end-to-end AC/DC and DC/DC technologies and application support. Our product families promote environmental sustainability through best-in-class efficiency and lowest zero-load power while allowing engineers to minimize both bill-of-materials and cost.”

Mark Drucker, CEO

CO2 Smart Power™ Technologies

Offering the industry’s highest levels of integration and efficiency, Silanna’s CO2 Smart Power™  Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) PWM controllers and point-of-load (PoL) converters simplify the design and improve the power densities of AC/DC and DC/DC power converters. These technologies are driving key innovations in applications ranging from travel adapters and fast chargers for laptops and mobile devices to appliance power, smart metering, lighting and displays.

All of the products in the CO2 Smart Power™ family have been specifically designed for optimal performance and best-in-class power density and efficiency. That’s why Silanna’s devices not only minimize energy use during operation but also drive down so-called ‘vampire’ power drain when on standby. In most cases this translates directly into advanced products and systems that use less electricity and, therefore, contribute less to harmful CO2 emissions.

AC/DC and DC/DC Technologies

The Silanna Semiconductor product portfolio encompasses fully integrated active clamp flyback (ACF) flyback controllers and ultra-compact, high-frequency point-of-load (PoL) DC/DC converters with integrated PD controllers and advanced intelligent adaptive power sharing.

Supporting power ratings of up to 100W, these devices combine efficiencies as high as 98% with ultra-low power consumption at no-load. As products such as chargers for smartphones and laptops are often left plugged in yet only charge for a few hours at a time, this combination is critical to minimizing electricity use and resulting CO2 emissions during product lifetime.

The SZ11xx series of AC/DC PWM controllers provides the ease of design of a simple flyback controller with all the benefits of an ACF topology. This includes recycling the leakage inductance energy of the flyback transformer and limiting the primary FET drain voltage spike during the turn-off events. Silanna Semiconductor’s OptiMode™ digital control architecture adjusts the device’s mode of operation on a cycle-by-cycle basis to maintain high efficiency, low EMI, fast dynamic load regulation, and other key power supply parameters in response to varying line voltage and load.

An all-silicon 65W USB-PD reference design using the SZ1131 demonstrates a 30W/inch3 power density (uncased) with impressive ~93% low line (90Vac) and > 94% high line (230Vac) efficiencies, while using lower cost components. Silanna Semiconductor’s technology-agnostic approach focuses on the ultimate power management challenges and delivers even higher efficiency and power density when paired with GaN primary FETs.

The high operating frequencies of Silanna’s SZPL and SZDL PoL DC/DC converters mean smaller, lower cost, higher performing output filters and significant size and cost reductions. Choosing these devices allows engineers to significantly increase the power density of their designs with volumes approaching 12% of that required by low-frequency alternatives.

The combination of best-in-class power density and efficiency, minimum no-load power and unprecedented BOM savings makes Silanna’s CO2 Smart Power technologies particularly suited to reducing the size, weight and energy consumption of single- and multi-port travel adaptors and device chargers.


Single-Port USB-PD Travel Adapter

Multi-Port USB-PD Travel Adapter

Single-Port USB-PD Travel Adapter

Multi-Port USB-PD Travel Adapter

With this in mind, Silanna has developed the devices with a variety of features that support these applications, including unique functionality that simplifies the design and optimizes the performance of single-port and multi-port 33W, 65W and 100W USB-PD fast chargers.

Design Support

Silanna’s focus on providing end-to-end solutions extends to design support that gives customers the flexibility and confidence to quickly increase the performance efficiency and reduce the size of their applications.

As well as a comprehensive range of application notes and reference designs, registered users can access the Power Density Hero design tool that rapidly translates key parameters into a design schematic and an optimized bill of materials for a given design.