SZ1200 combines ACF Control, GaN FET, X-Cap discharge, Driver and Regulator in Single Chip

SZ1200 140W

The latest addition to Silanna’s family of CO2 Smart Power™ technologies addresses the ultimate power management challenge facing engineers by simplifying design and improving performance while meeting environmental sustainability goals through more efficient energy use. 

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The SZ1200 active clamp flyback (ACF) integrates adaptive digital PWM control with ultra-high-voltage (UHV) components comprising a 700 V primary GaN FET, X capacitor (X-Cap) discharge circuit, active clamp driver and start-up regulator.

It simplifies the design of high-efficiency, high-power-density power supplies, USB-PD/QC AC/DC adapters, and battery charging applications. It achieves this by combining the ease of use of a traditional flyback controller with the advantages of Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) technology.

Key benefits of the SZ1200 ACF controller:

  • Improved efficiency: Recovers leakage inductance energy from the flyback transformer, reducing overall power loss.
  • Reduced voltage stress: Limits primary FET drain voltage spikes during turn-off, improving reliability and component lifespan.
  • Simplified design: Easier to implement compared to discrete ACF solutions, saving design time and effort.

Target applications:

  • High-efficiency power supplies.
  • High-power-density power supplies.
  • USB-PD/QC AC/DC adapters.
  • Battery chargers.

Overall, the SZ1200 ACF controller offers a compelling solution for engineers seeking to design high-performance power supplies with improved efficiency and simplified design.

SZ1200 Key Features:

  • High-frequency ‘CO2 Smart Power’ ACF controller
  • Configurable high-switching-frequency operation (up to 250 kHz)
  • Integrated 700 V GaN primary FET
  • Integrated UHV X-cap discharge circuit, active clamp driver and start-up regulator
  • Over 93% efficiency at low line
  • Flat efficiency across universal input voltage (90 – 265 Vac) and loading conditions
  • CCM for increased peak power delivery and better utilization of transformer core in universal input applications
  • QR valley mode switching and boosting for low EMI and near-ZVS operation
  • OptiMode™ cycle-by-cycle adaptive digital control
  • Regulated burst-mode
  • Self-tuning valley detection
  • OTP, OVP, OCP, OPP, OSCP among various other protections
  • Very low system no-load power consumption
  • Space-saving 37-pin 8 mm X 7 mm QFN Package

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