EVB speeds development of ultra-high-power-density USB-PD and QC charging designs

San Diego, CA – Date – Silanna Semiconductor, the Power Density Leader, has announced an evaluation board that will help engineers to quickly build and test 100 W end-to-end fast charger applications built around the company’s CO2 Smart Power™ family of wide-voltage, high-frequency point of load converters.

The SZDL3105BB-EVB02 buck converter design example is configured for a 5 V to 20V at5 A output and integrates all necessary connections to properly test and evaluate the efficiency and other performance metrics of the Silanna SZDL3105B fully-integrated DC/DC converter. A range of compatible daughter boards ensures rapid configuration of a variety of USB-PD and QC charging use cases.

The SZDL3105BB-EVB02, which is pre-configured for operation with inputs from 7.5 V to 24 V, may be evaluated as a general-purpose point of load (POL) application or in-circuit with a USB port controller. Available daughterboards feature Weltrend WT6633P (Qualcomm QC2/3/4, USB-PD), Power Integrations CHY103 (Qualcomm QC3) and Cypress CYPD3175 (Qualcomm QC4, USB-PD) controllers.

“OEMs are looking to develop the smallest, lightest, high-power USB-PD and QC fast chargers within tight time-to-market deadlines,” says Ahsan Zaman, Silanna Semiconductor’s director of product marketing. “By speed the evaluation of our industry-leading buck converters in a variety of different scenarios this evaluation board and the associated daughter boards help to reduce the time from design and prototyping to final production.”

Operating at a switching speed of 667 kHz, the SZDL3105B DC/DC converter measures just 4 mm x 4mm yet delivers up to 5 A and 100 W. The device accommodates inputs up to 27 VDC and features an extremely low operating power dissipation that enables the very low no-load power that is an important specification for regulatory certification. Internal and external feedback resistor divider flexibility supports custom design, while a momentary internal feedback path allows for clean and well-controlled start-up operation until external USB port controllers can bias themselves and smoothly take over control of the output voltage. 

SZDL3105BB-EVB02 Features

  • Programmable switching frequency up to 2 MHz
  • 95% Peak Efficiency as shipped
  • 5 A output with overcurrent protection
  • Wide input voltage from 7.5 V to 24 V
  • UVLO/OCP/OVP/OTP protections
  • All-ceramic output capacitor solution
  • Adaptive COT architecture for fast load transient response
  • Internal LDO for MOSFET driver bias
  • Pre-bias startup with programmable soft start time
  • Diode emulation mode for light load efficiency boost
  • Ultra-compact 4 mm x 4 mm QFN package


  • USB-PD, QC2/3/4 DC/DC Converters


Information is available at https://powerdensity.com/reference-design/ or by contacting sales@silanna.com. 

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