Silanna Semiconductor, The Power Density Leader, today announced the launch of an industry leading expanded portfolio of Active Clamp Flyback Controllers (ACF). Silanna Semiconductor focuses on the ultimate Power Management challenges with best in class power density and efficiency that delight customers with unprecedented BOM savings. First announced at APEC 2019, Silanna Semiconductor has delivered on the customer expectations and market penetration of Active Clamp Flyback Controllers and now dominates the integrated ACF market.

The SZ1110 and SZ1130 devices are Active Clamp Flyback PWM Controllers that integrate an adaptive digital PWM controller and the following Ultra High-Voltage (UHV) components: an Active Clamp FET, Active Clamp Gate Driver and a Startup Regulator. This unprecedented level of integration facilitates designing efficient, high-power-density adapters with low BOM cost to satisfy power-hungry mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and video game consoles.

Customers can see demonstrations of the ACF controllers, delivering over 94% efficiency with an all-silicon design and 27 W/in3 power density at 65 W for AC/DC power adapters together with the extensive DC/DC and AC/DC products at the demo room in

“Less than a year ago we launched the SZ1101, the world’s first Active Clamp Flyback Controller, to an incredible customer and industry response,” said Mark Drucker, CEO of Silanna Semiconductor. “This expansion into higher power and smaller form factors speaks to our core power density leadership. Silanna Semiconductor delivers AC/DC solutions with the highest Power Density and Efficiency while simultaneously delivering the greatest value and reduced BOM costs.”

The devices provide the ease-of-design of a simple flyback controller with all the benefits of an ACF design, including recycling of the leakage inductance energy of the flyback transformer and limiting the primary FET drain voltage spike during the turn-off events. Employing Silanna’s OptiModeTM digital control architecture, the SZ1110 and SZ1130 adjusts the device’s mode of operation on a cycle-by-cycle basis to maintain high efficiency, low EMI, fast dynamic load regulation and other key power supply parameters in response to varying line voltage and load.

“Unlike conventional ACF designs, tight tolerances of the clamp capacitor and leakage inductance values are not required for proper operation of the circuit in high volume production,” said Ahsan Zaman, Director of Marketing. “The SZ1110 and SZ1130 are well-suited for high efficiency and high power density AC/DC power adapters. The devices are designed for up to 33 W (SZ1110) and 65 W (SZ1130) output power, including USB-PD and Quick Charge applications.”

SZ1110 and SZ1130-based AC/DC power supplies easily meet the stringent DoE and CoC efficiency and no-load standby power requirements.
Key Features:

  • Integrated UHV Active Clamp FET, Active Clamp Driver, and Start-up Regulator
  • Capable of Over 94% Efficiency
  • Flat Efficiency Across Universal (90 – 265 Vac) Input Voltage and Load
  • Up to 146 kHz Switching Frequency Operation
  • OptiMode™ Cycle-by-Cycle Adaptive Digital Control
  • Self-Tuning Valley Mode Switching (VMS)
  • Multi-Mode Operation (Burst Mode, QR, VMS)
  • >6dB EMI Margin
  • OTP, OVP, OCP, OPP and Output Short Circuit Protections
  • <50 mW No Load Power Consumption
  • Up to 65 W Output Power
  • 16-pin SOIC Package


  • High Power Density AC/DC Power Supplies
  • High Efficiency Power Adapters
  • USB-PD/QC AC/DC Power Adapters
  • Battery Chargers for Mobile Devices

Availability and Pricing:
Pricing, sample information and live demonstrations are available at

About Silanna Semiconductor: The Power Density Leader. Delivering on the ultimate Power Management challenge of best-in-class power density and efficiency performance that delights customers with unprecedented BOM savings. Silanna Semiconductor’s AC/DC and DC/DC power converter ICs are driving key innovations in Travel Adapters, Laptop Adapters, Appliance Power, Smart Metering, Computing, Lighting, Industrial Power, and Display Power utilizing the latest digital and analog control and device technologies. In addition to our global engineering sales force, customers are supported by regional design centers and online tools. ‘Power Density Hero’ is an online design tool where customers input their power needs and instantly receive a complete design, schematic, and ‘Bill of Materials’ (BOM). The Asian Center of Excellence (ACE) has a dedicated team of power system engineers to support our customers in their application specific design needs. Silanna Semiconductor, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a privately-held semiconductor company, and has global facilities supporting customers with design centers and offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.