Silanna Semiconductor and GaN Systems partner to co-design a revolutionary 65W reference design.

San Diego, CA – March 10th, 2021- Silanna Semiconductor, The Power Density Leader, today announced their partnership with GaN Systems by launching a co-designed, world-class 65W USB-C GaN (gallium nitride) charger featuring Silanna Semiconductor’s Fully Integrated Active Clamp Flyback PWM Controller, the SZ1130 with GaN System’s 650V Power GaN Transistor. Silanna Semiconductor’s technology-agnostic design focuses on the ultimate power management challenges with the best-in-class power density (30W/in3 uncased) and efficiency (>94%) that delight customers with unprecedented BOM savings. 

The full production of Silanna’s Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) controllers started in mid-2020 and is continuing to enable higher efficiency and higher power density adapter designs. The versatility of Silanna Semiconductor’s ACF controller allows design flexibility for the end-user to select their preferred FET technology within their reference design. The new 65W USB-C GaN charger reference design utilizes Silanna Semiconductor’s SZ1130 Fully Integrated ACF PWM controller, with the high-side FET integrated into the controller. The ACF architecture reduces BOM cost by integrating the ACF circuit. In addition, the reference design uses lower-cost components, including conventional RM8 transformer, 100V SR FET, minimal clamp capacitor, and a single common mode choke in the input filter, resulting in an attractive design for power supply technology companies to utilize within their products. 

“The ACF controller is delivering >94% efficiency with the combination of our SZ1130 and GaN Systems’ GS-065-008-1-L 650V GaN Transistor resulting in a revolutionary design for the industry,” said Mark Drucker, CEO of Silanna Semiconductor. “At Silanna Semiconductor, we are extremely excited to further advance the best-in-class efficiency and power density results by combining our knowledge and expertise with GaN Systems’ to deliver some of the world’s most innovative products.”

The 650V GaN Transistor is well suited for many applications including power adapters, LED lighting drivers, fast battery charging, power factor correction, appliances, motor drives, wireless power transfer and industrial power supplies.

“At GaN Systems we are continually addressing the needs of the power supply technology industry. Our new partnership with Silanna Semiconductor allows us to provide the fast-changing industry a product that goes above and beyond its expectations by delivering world-class high efficiency and power density in a revolutionary design,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “The GS-065-008-1-L is an E-mode GaN-on-Silicon power transistor that enables chargers to have higher efficiency and power density while reducing size, weight, and costs.”

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Ultra-high density: 30W/in3 (uncased)
  • High efficiency: Peak efficiency >94%
  • Low temperature: <95C max. component temperature
  • Better EMI design: Clean waveforms with almost zero voltage spike or ringing
  • Supports wide range of applications: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A and 20V/3.25A output voltages (USB-PD)

All of Silanna Semiconductor product designs are fully supported by the Asian Center of Excellence (ACE) design support center. All this, alongside the extensive AC/DC and DC/DC products, are available at the demo room at In addition to our global engineering sales force, customers are supported by regional design centers and our online tool ‘Power Density Hero’ where customers input their power needs and instantly receive a complete design, schematic, and ‘Bill of Materials’ (BOM).

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