This product is now discontinued, please click below to view the SZ1110/SZ1130

World’s First Fully Integrated
Active Clamp Flyback Controllers

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Achieving extremely high power densities by overcoming the thermal challenges of packing increasing amounts of power into slim, compact power adapters.

With an easy-to-use simple flyback controller and an all-silicon design, SZ1105 delivers over 94% efficiency, and over 25W/in  power density at full 65W output power, while using an industry-standard, avalanche-rated silicon MOSFET main switch.

Released products and evaluation boards (EVBs) are now available showing industry leading efficiencies in an all-silicon solution, while achieving more than 6dB margin for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

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SZ1105 | 65W

Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller

SZ1101 | 33W

Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controller

The 33W version is suited for designing mobile phone travel adapters, the 65W version is suited for designing compact adapters for powering notebooks, video game consoles, and multi-port wall chargers. Keeping it cool to the touch and maintaining the small size consumers have come to expect.

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