This product is now discontinued, please click below to view the SZPL3102A

ZqFET ™ Technology

High Efficiency/High Frequency
Building Blocks

ZqFET Technology is a proprietary power device and process developed by Silanna Semiconductor. The power devices have extremely small gate charge and low parasitic capacitances that enable high efficiency, hard-switching DC/DC conversion products. The power devices are planar and enable integration of multiple power devices along with logic devices for gate driver and controller blocks. Expanding families of Power Blocks, monolithic Power Stages and complete Point-of-Load (PoL) converters will be offered in the near future.


Part Number Fault Mode VREF Package
SZPL8216A-A Latched 0.9 V 4 X 3 QFN
SZPL8216A-B Hiccup 0.6 V 4 X 3 QFN
SZPL8216A-C Hiccup 0.6 V 4 X 3 QFN

DC/DC Controllers

Part Number Input Voltage Companion Power Block Max Freq Package
SZPC8200A 4.5 - 16 Volts SZPB9317A 1MHz 3 X 3 QFN
SZPC8201A 4.5 - 16 Volts SZPB9314A 1MHz 3 X 3 QFN

Power Blocks

Part Number Max VIN/Max IOut Switch Freq RDSon Package
SZPB9314A 15V/25A 2MHz 9/2.4 mOhm 5.1 X 4 QFN
SZPB9317A 15V/8A 2MHz 20/8 mOhm 3.7 X 4 QFN

SZPL8216A Point-of-Load Buck Converters

Our highly integrated SZPL8216A family of synchronous Point-of-Load (PoL) Buck Converters integrate the functions of the DC/DC COT controller, output gate drivers and output power blocks all in one compact 3mmx4mm QFN package to deliver the best power density with a minimum external component count. The devices enable designers to achieve ultra-compact PCB layout, high power density and high efficiency for low power loss in demanding and space-constrained applications such as enterprise servers, telecommunications, and networking equipment.

Watch ZqFET Technology Intro

The SZPL8216A COT controlled devices employ Silanna’s proprietary S-Loop Control Architecture which provides near instantaneous response to load transitions with minimal increase in overshoot or undershoot. Such performance is critical for multi-core CPU and FPGA applications that quickly power on and off with high current load transients and require a very stable power supply voltage.